A rape fantasy story archive
Welcome to "Take Me", a rape fantasy story archive. I am take me grl, creator of the site and author of all of the stories thus far archived.  

There are plenty of other sites on the web that deal with the same subject, and while I have enjoyed frequenting those places, I've never found one that suited me perfectly.  While I enjoy the thought of bondage, rough sex and rape fantasies, I'm not really into pain, torture or humiliation.  So you won't find much of the above in my stories.

Before you proceed to the stories, you must be able to agree to the following terms:

1)  You are of legal age to read NC-17 rated stories and view NC-17 rated imagery.

2)  You understand that all of the stories archived at this site are classified as non-consensual and sometimes violent in nature.

3)  You understand the difference between rape and rape fantasy.  If you are unclear on the difference, click here.

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