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TitleNo Longer a Lady

Written:   October 6 - 13, 2006

SummaryYoung Lady Alwyn has been brought by her father to their lord's castle in the hopes that the prince might choose her - out of all the others - to be his bride.  But the prince is far more interested in testing the merchandise, first.  How could Alwyn disobey any command given by her liege?
TitleStealing the Thief

Written:   October 24th, 2006

SummaryIf you can't do the time, don't do the crime.  Nearly sixteen-year-old Rachel learns this lesson the "hard" way when she's caught shoplifting.  Terrified of being arrested and having her parents find out, Rachel soon learns that the security guard has another punishment in mind.
TitleDate Rape Lane

Written:   October 25th, 2006 - November 12th, 2006

SummaryPrequel to "Stealing the Thief". 

Rachel's back!  Six months before getting fucked in a back room as punishment for stealing, Rachel loses her virginity in the front seat of a Chevelle. 

Little Rachel isn't so little anymore, and all of the boys are noticing...especially her older brother's friend home from college for the weekend.  Rachel had always heard that you shouldn't get in a car with a stranger, but Brad wasn't a stranger, was he? 
TitleScuba Rape

Written:   November 17th, 2006

SummaryMeeting people online can be fun, but it can also be dangerous.  A girl finds that out the hard way when she meets up with a group of five dive buddies for the first time.  One of them gets into more than just the water!
TitleSex Cinema

Written:   January 14th, 2007

SummaryOn vacation to China with her boyfriend, Lacey finds herself somewhere completely unexpected and involved in a very interesting role play.
TitleThe Farm Girl

Written:   June 9th, 2010

SummaryA dusty farm, a family away for the weekend, a handy-man and his relatives.  A farm girl left behind.  Another time.  Another rape.   This is my first forced sex story not told from the viewpoint of the victim, so it may be a little different from my usual style.  I also wrote it in about an hour, so it's a bit shorter (and probably rougher around the edges) than the others.

Sorry I've been away so long!  Please enjoy my first story back, and I'll definitely be updating more frequently from here out.  :)