A rape fantasy story archive
Thank you for taking the time to read the definitions of Rape and Rape Fantasy. 

They are NOT the same thing.

Rape is a violent, barbaric physical act - usually against a woman, usually perpetrated by a man, though not always - that uses sex to humiliate, degrade and injure the victim.  It is a horrific, traumatic experience.  No one has the right to force themselves on another person, no matter the situation.  No matter how much the victim has had to drink, no matter if the victim and rapist are romantically involved, no matter if the victim was scantily dressed and walking down the street at night. 

No matter WHAT.

It's not only reprehensible, it's illegal.  I am of the firm belief that every rapist's punishment should be to have their reproductive organs removed and mutilated.  There is no forgiveness for so heinous an action.

So why, you might ask, am I writing rape fantasy fiction?

Rape Fantasy Is harmless and hurts no one.  Most importantly, the peson doing the fantasizing is in complete control.  I almost even hesitate to use the word "rape" for that very reason.  If you read my stories, you'll find that in most of them the "victim" - while not in control of the situation - is never tortured or in much physical pain.  If anything, I'd label it "discomfort".  She doesn't generally fear for her life (although a bit of fear can be exciting).  In many, she even ends up enjoying it, although she can't justify it to herself.  Again, this is totally different from real life rape situations.

Why am I so obsessed with rape fantasy?  I'm not sure.  I enjoy rough, forceful sex, but I also enjoy tender lovemaking.  It's just something that turns me on, and I find it far less weird than a lot of other fetishes out there!